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The Clean Oven Door Solution – For Realz!

Hi Friends!

You can go ahead and give me the title of “Worst Blogger Ever” since I disappear for weeks on end without notice… yet you’re still here, faithful and waiting. I have many things to share with you including photos from a lovely trip to Belgium and Paris. But for now, I MUST share with you this wealth of knowledge that recently fell into my lap!

The clean oven door solution  I

Have you ever spilled something between the glass of your oven door? I did! It all started a few months ago when I was quickly taking a bowl of oatmeal out of the microwave (which is above my oven). Whoops! Down it went, behind the microwave door and directly into the grated vent holes and between the impossible-to-get-to glass panes inside the oven door! Ugh! I immediately took to Pinterest in search of someone’s tutorial on how to possibly get in there to clean it out. I read many articles and crazy MacGyver tricks like sticking a rag in and using a hanger to move it around to completely disassembling the entire unit. Nothing worked for me! No matter how many screws I unscrewed, I could not get that darn oven door open! So I lived with a gross oven door for a while. Until…

My friend and homemaking genius Eryn posted a funny photo on Facebook on how she got a rag stuck between her oven door glass in an attempt to clean it out (see MacGyver reference above). She had a service man come out to retrieve the rag for her and he showed her how easy it is to disassemble the oven door for future cleanings.

She shared this wealth of info with me and I nearly fell over finding out how EASY it is to remove and disassemble my oven door! Well I couldn’t keep this knowledge to myself so here it is. Are you ready? The key is unlocking the door hinges so that you can lift the door off of the frame. See photos below showing step-by-step.

This is what your hinge should look like now:The clean oven door solution  I

Place fingers as shown as far back as possible:
The clean oven door solution  I

Pull upward as shown:
The clean oven door solution  I

Pull all the way back:
The clean oven door solution  I

The clean oven door solution  I

This is what your unlocked hinge should look like:
The clean oven door solution  I

Once both sides are unlocked, place your oven door upright but not completely closed. Pull upward and out to remove the door from the frame (this is difficult and requires a little muscle). Once the door is removed, you should be able to access all the screws to disassemble the door and access all window panes for washing. I would advise to take photos as you go along so that you know how everything goes back together. Also, keep your screws in the same place as to not lose them.

WARNING: Oven doors are very heavy! Remove with caution and solicit help if needed. Be extremely careful handling glass. Aside from the obvious risk of cutting yourself, this glass is very expensive to replace.

Happy cleaning!

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Lowe’s Love

Lowe’s sent me this Vine video last week and I thought that it was definitely worth a share. It’s just 6 seconds of your time. The video is on a loop and that’s just what I love about it! I’ve seen these tips before, but always seem to forget when I need them most. By seeing the repetitive action in the form of a Vine video, I think I’ll remember it next time! I hope… Haha!

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Lowe’s is the place that I go when I need something pretty that generally isn’t offered at other stores. Their lighting department seems to have a way larger selection than competitors and they offer more high-style options — like this beauty which I plan to place above my breakfast table

Chrome Drum Pendant @ Lowe's

When I needed to replace my kitchen faucet, I went to Lowe’s and found the perfect one! It has the brushed chrome look that I wanted and the contemporary spring adjustable arm. It swivels easily out of the way when washing large pots and I can stretch the faucet over to the counter when filling my mop bucket, etc. Here is a picture of a similar faucet (I couldn’t find my exact model online).

Modern Kitchen Faucet

And my other reason for Lowe’s love is the fact that they carry the Pantone Paint line by Valspar! Do you need another reason? Yeah, I didn’t think so :). I go just for the Pantone paint especially since you can pick up a sample pot for about $3.50 a pop which is plenty of paint to use for one piece of furniture! I purchased a sample of the Color of the Year, Emerald Green, a couple weeks ago and have a desk set up and ready to paint!

Pantone  I

Lots of love,

Kitchen Makeover 1.4 – Island Molding

For the final post in my Kitchen Makeover series, I’m sharing with you the kitchen island molding project. This is another example of how something so simple and inexpensive can create a big difference in your space!

Kitchen Makeover  I

Kitchen Makeover  I

The molding creates a custom look at a low price by creating faux wainscoting on the island base. Painting this area the same white color as the cabinets makes the entire kitchen look that much bigger!

Kitchen Makeover  I

This is not expensive wainscot paneling! I purchased decorative molding from the hardware store for only $.90 per linear foot. You can use a miter saw or a hand box saw to cut your 45 degree angles. Use wood glue to set each piece into place and secure with a nail gun. You could get away with using just a hammer if you have the tool pictured below that will set your nail into the molding without damaging the molding with your hammer.

Nail Setter Set

Next, fill your nail holes with a wood filler and make sure to use caulking on every visible seam! It will look like a cheap job if you don’t fill in all your cracks. Now you’re ready to paint the wall!

This process worked so well, I’ve started to add molding to the rest of the house as well. I have plans for the staircase area as well as the dining room! I love the custom, high-end look this process creates, and I especially love the fact that it can be done at such a low price-point.

Check out all the posts in the Kitchen Makeover series!

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Lots of love,


Do you #hashtag? I’m diving into Instagram and learning about all-things social media and how hashtags work. Hashtags are a whole new way of networking and making friends with those who share the same interests. I’ve enjoyed chatting about paint products with people I may have never found if it wasn’t for Instagram! Come find me if you dare and join in on the fun! I love to share behind-the-scenes project pics as well as some good laughs :)  

Search @becauseiliketodecorate or click on the below photo.


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Awesome things I found — kid’s edition

I can’t believe it, but as I’m typing this post I’m thousands of miles away from my home and my babies! They are well taken care of, but oh how I miss them so! And because I’m thinking about my children so very much, I thought it was appropriate to share with you some amazing web finds for the kiddos!

Check out this homemade play dough recipe from And made with only two ingredients!


This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments. Thank you notes for the little ones to color! These cards are available on Etsy for purchase or as you can probably figure, make your own!

20130716-002126.jpg has a fabulous all-natural recipe for goldfish crackers!


And because we all need a little laugh every now and then… (photo links to source)


Lots of love,

Top 5 most common design mistakes

I get these types of questions all the time! The plan was to post my top 10, but 5 proved to be packed with lots of information that’s sure to get your wheels spinning! So let’s dive right in, shall we?

#1. Mounting draperies too low. I’ll start out by saying that “it’s not your fault.” This is a design industry problem. Most stores only stock a standard 84″ drapery length. This is slowly changing, but still a big issue! Take a look at the below sketch. The #1 tip I tell people is to mount your drapes from floor to ceiling! This one tip will make such a huge difference in your home and will make your space look 10 times larger! Most high-end companies stock these lengths, but for a less expensive option IKEA is my go-to. They stock many options up to 120″ in length, and for a low price.

#2. Tchotchkes — too much stuff on your bookshelf or table! A space filled with 10+ small objects can look cluttered and disorganized. If you would like to display small items, try pairing one or two things with a large statement piece. It will better showcase what you’re trying to display. Notice the variation of height in the below photo. This helps to add interest and is pleasing to the eye. Don’t be afraid of LARGE decorative items. They provide for a cleaner, more high-end look!

#3. Small picture on a large wall. Unless you’re going for the ultra-modern art gallery look, stay away from this common mistake. Don’t be afraid of the large mirror or artwork. I usually choose the largest option when faced with an artwork size dilemma. A great way to use your smaller photos is to group them together to create a gallery wall look. Like this example:

#4. Fear of color. You should never be afraid of anything when designing a space! Choose what you love! I’m not saying that you have to use bright colors. I, for one, prefer a neutral, grey-toned pallet with color accents that can easily be switched out — such as pillows or flowers. But if you love the look of a red wall…go for it! It’s your space, and it’s just paint! :)

#5. Poor lighting. Proper lighting can transform a space from drab to fab! To adequately light a space, you need to think about lighting all levels of your room. Most rooms have a center ceiling fixture, which just isn’t enough. Think about adding canned lighting and/or track lighting to accent artwork on a feature wall. In addition, you’ll want to choose lamps or task lights for more specific directional light. A proper combination of all of the above will help you achieve that model-home look as seen in magazines.

Lots of love,