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DIY Custom Rustic Signage

This past summer, I was given the honor of preparing a very special surprise gift for my Auntie Margie during her wedding vow renewal ceremony! Auntie Margie is so very special to me! She has been battling stage four breast cancer and is the picture of the Lord’s strength and grace throughout this trial in her life. She is such an example to me! You could imagine my excitement when the church asked me to prepare a special gift using one of her favorite passages “I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth” Psalm 34:1


I used 8″ wide lightweight boards from the hardware store and mounted them on 1’x4′ horizontal boards. Using a wood stain that I had on hand, each board was stained, waxed, and accented with watered down blue & green paints to create subtle color and texture.

The lettering design was created in Adobe Illustrator, printed, traced, and hand painted with a fine brush. Warning: This takes a very long time! If I had the tools, I would create a stencil and speed the process up quite a bit. But it was totally worth it for this project and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! :)Psalm34.1.4

I love the final result so much, that I totally want to make one for my own home! I keep checking craigslist for a vinyl cutter at a good price… the search continues.Psalm34.1.2

It looks just fabulous on her mantle! And don’t you just love her Christmas decor?
Lots of love,


DIY Rustic Christmas Star

Let me just say… I’m so tired! Between the Christmas rush and the fact that our house has been hit with a cold, which brought on the discovery of my precious little 4 year old’s battle with Asthma (or Restrictive Airway Disease)… poor baby, I’m exhausted! Needless to say, I haven’t been doing anything crafty and have nothing new to show you. I’m re-posting my DIY Rustic Christmas Star tutorial just in-case you missed my guest post over at TypeA last week. I do however have a few surprises up my sleeve and will be sure to share all the details and pics with you in a couple days.


This project is one that I did last year after seeing one at my local Pottery Barn. I’m not sure if they sold the stars or if it was just a part of the store decor for Christmas, but as soon as I saw it I said to myself, “I can do that!”

It’s quite simple, really — just how it looks. Off I went to Michael’s and purchased a couple bundles of their pre-packaged sticks. Note: make it a point to get the straightest ones possible. Curvy sticks are hard to tie together and it will be harder to achieve the straight lines you need for your star.

Make five even piles of the straightest sticks possible. Just use your judgement to determine how many sticks per pile. Those piles will become the five lines to your star. Lay them out as you see they look and fit best together. I used a standard twine that I had on hand, but any sort of twine-like string will work just fine.

Wrap the twine around each point of the star as tightly as possible. Then, tie a double-knot around the back of the star and secure with a dab of hot glue. Repeat this process until your star is complete.

I found it was easiest to tie down the star points first before securing the middle sections. Once your glue is dry, you may add any other decorative finish that you desire. I chose simple white lights and I have to say — this is one of my favorite decorative pieces to pull out each year.

The best part is that this is an indoor/outdoor project. What about a front door wreath alternative? Hung above your outdoor nativity set? Or maybe three different sized stars hung above a window?

Lots of love,

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The Christmas "mantle" is done!

Introducing… our Christmas “mantle”!

I have to say that I went through a couple revisions before settling on this design. That’s just how I roll! :) The plan was to keep it simple this year. The white framed art in the background was just moved from another wall.  I think it gives the mantle a nice neutral backdrop.

Nutcracker statues were added to give a little pop of color and play off of the red stockings as well and provide a little interest.

As usual, everything here was either a sale/clearance item, thrift store find, or generally inexpensive. I don’t like to pay a lot.
I purchased these Pottery Barn stockings a couple years back and ordered some extra blank ones for our future children. This time next year, that blank stocking will say “Daniel.” Pottery Barn also sells a matching tree skirt, but that sucker never goes on sale — I check every year after Christmas. I may have to buck up and just buy the thing one of these years… I just HATE paying full price! :)

A little bling here and there.

And the star as the focal point to complete the look!
Lots of love,
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Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

My Fall "mantle"

I like to change out my decor to go with the seasons. But like most here in Arizona, we don’t have a fireplace…thus, no mantle. So where do we hang our stockings, you ask? The piano, of course! :)  It’s the only place that we could really think of, so I like to call it my “mantle.”

I just wanted to encourage you that you don’t have to spend a lot or change out too many things in order to decorate for Fall or Thanksgiving. Everything you see on this mantle was either purchased on clearance, at a thrift store, or just for a darn good price. 

I also like to move accessories around my home every couple of months — just to give things a fresh, new look. For example, the three pots of greenery were purchased at IKEA (for a darn good price) and I moved them from my kitchen to the mantle.

I picked up this adorable little chair for 50 cents at a local thrift store.

I love the texture that the twig-wrapped stars bring. Again, another thrift store find. I think I paid around $2 a piece. And as an added bonus, I can still use them for Christmas decor by just adding some white lights!

And finally, for a pop of color and giving height to the area, some berry twigs in a tall vase. These were on clearance at Pier One last year after Thanksgiving.

As I step back to look at the final picture, I look for a few different things: 1) variation of height, 2) variation of texture, 3) an element of symmetry, and 4) balance of colors.

Lots of love,