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Compassion or Selfishness?

I’ve been thinking about how I would jump in and start blogging again. Where do I start? How do I plan out my posts? Where to begin? … It’s been such a long time.

After this week’s tornado tragedy in Oklahoma, I got to thinking. I felt that I wanted to share my thoughts with you, so this is where I will start.

“The Most Important Things in Life Aren’t Things” ~ from Moore, OK debris. Image links to Pinterest source.

I don’t know anyone in Moore, OK. I used to live in the Tulsa area, so I do know a lot of people close to the action. Since the devastation is close to an area where I used to live, and I know people who know people affected, I couldn’t help but look at my children and think, “what if…?” Then it dawned on me – how selfish!

Moore, OK – May 2013. Photo links to source.

(Let me fill you in on my thought process here).

Are we selfish even amidst our compassion for others? Do we only care or give it a second thought if it’s our family, our state, or our country? Tragedy happens every day. Yet, are we only bothered if it’s highly publicized? Or, like me, do you find that you only empathize if it’s close to home?

And then I’m reminded of our own depravity as human beings. That right in the middle of our compassion and empathy for others, our sin nature shines bright, and selfishness ensues. We still only think of ourselves. My Feelings. My loved ones. Me. Me. Me.

Romans 3:10-12

It’s always a good thing to be reminded of our need for a savior. Thank you, Lord, for Your grace. Strip me of all selfishness, I pray. Help me to have compassion for those I cannot see — a true compassion that’s without selfishness or pride. Amen.

Lots of love,

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DIY Custom Rustic Signage

This past summer, I was given the honor of preparing a very special surprise gift for my Auntie Margie during her wedding vow renewal ceremony! Auntie Margie is so very special to me! She has been battling stage four breast cancer and is the picture of the Lord’s strength and grace throughout this trial in her life. She is such an example to me! You could imagine my excitement when the church asked me to prepare a special gift using one of her favorite passages “I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth” Psalm 34:1


I used 8″ wide lightweight boards from the hardware store and mounted them on 1’x4′ horizontal boards. Using a wood stain that I had on hand, each board was stained, waxed, and accented with watered down blue & green paints to create subtle color and texture.

The lettering design was created in Adobe Illustrator, printed, traced, and hand painted with a fine brush. Warning: This takes a very long time! If I had the tools, I would create a stencil and speed the process up quite a bit. But it was totally worth it for this project and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! :)Psalm34.1.4

I love the final result so much, that I totally want to make one for my own home! I keep checking craigslist for a vinyl cutter at a good price… the search continues.Psalm34.1.2

It looks just fabulous on her mantle! And don’t you just love her Christmas decor?
Lots of love,

How to make this Thanksgiving memorable

It’s less than two days away! The big day when we get to eat all the Turkey and pie to our little heart’s content. As we prepare for the big meal and try to time out all the little details so that everything is complete when that Turkey comes out of the oven, I can’t help but think of my growing children and how to preserve these precious memories and make Thanksgiving extra special and memorable. And most important, I want my girls to be truly thankful and learn why we celebrate Thanksgiving — to understand our thankfulness for Christ.

I stumbled upon this amazing idea that is sure to become a family tradition in our home! Check out “From glitter to gumdrops” featured here. She showcases a friend of hers who used the same tablecloth every Thanksgiving for the last 34 years. Each family member in attendance is encouraged to write and draw what they are thankful for on the cloth and she then embroiders over the writing in preparation for the following year. How special is that?!

This is something that can easily be pulled together last minute before the festivities begin. Yay! I’m so excited!

Lots of love,

Discipline and chili

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, But he who hates reproof is stupid.
Proverbs 12:1 (nasb)
This is what I read this morning. So thought provoking that I just wanted to share. Let me be teachable, O, Lord.

Today, my parents are in town and we’re making chili for our church’s annual chili cook-off tonight! (I have a few things up my sleeve.) If the recipe turns out good, I’ll share it with you on Monday :)

Lots of love,

Custom Artwork, Project Total: $11.00

Hello Friends,

First I want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to everyone who has subscribed and/or visited my page in the last couple days. I never dreamed that I would get this much exposure on DAY 2!

A special Thank you to Craptastic for featuring me today. It was such an honor and made my day extra special!  See her button on my sidebar and pay her a visit.

Now onto the project of the day…

This artwork was kind of a “see what happens as I go along” type project. I didn’t know what I was going to end up with until the end, which is exciting in itself!  Sometimes it doesn’t work out and you have to start over, but I am really pleased with how this one turned out.

I started with two large frames purchased from goodwill for $5 a piece, and a book from the dollar store that cost, you guessed it, $1.  Thus my total of $11. (I already had the red paint on hand from another project).

I used the backing of the frames as my base and loosely glued the pages randomly to cover the background.  A glue stick should work just fine.  You don’t want the pages to wrinkle or get too wet. Some pages are torn and some are left whole. You just have to wing it and trust your eye.

Next, the pages needed to be aged a bit to match the rustic framing.  I watered down about a dime size worth of brown craft paint and brushed it on sparingly in random places.  I also dry brushed some areas for added texture.  Again, you have to just trust your eye and play with it.

Next is the red paint! You could use any color really, I just love how the red contrasts with the old world rustic barn look.  It adds a contemporary twist that makes it just my style :)   My placement was abstract and random because again I was going for a modern twist. I had a semi-gloss red on hand from another project, Glidden Red Delicious to be exact.  So I just used that because it was free… and I like free!  In retrospect, and if I were to do this again, I may have chosen a matte paint with a primer underneath to get a more even toned color. Vinyl letters would also look nice and sharp.

My lettering was freehand, done in pencil first then painted over.  I love how the final result is not perfect but perfect to me.  It has a handmade/organic feel while at the same time being a big modern statement piece in the home.  I think we will keep this for a while.  It’s located in our entryway hall so that everyone that walks in the door is greeted with our family motto.

Lots of love,