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Wentworth – An office desk with personality

First things first… no baby yet. We’re expecting our little guy any day now. I think he just wants to keep us waiting a little longer. We’re dying to meet him and know what his little face looks like! Does he have a lot of hair? Is he tan like my husband or fair-skinned like me? What about his personality? We’ll soon find out. I must be patient! :)

In other news, I’ve been busy! Projects have been completed, but I’ve been slacking on writing about them. Honestly, I need to hold myself to a better schedule to keep up with things. I’m working on it :)

Let me introduce you to Wentworth. He has personality and a certain “cool” factor that I’m in love with.

This is what he looked like before his makeover:

Yes, I did start painting before remembering the ‘before pic,’ but you get the idea, right? Old 60s/70s wood grain-printed MDF. Lots of dings — or what I like to call “character.” :)  But I chose this piece because of its solid construction and the fact that I liked the straight lines. Despite the wood grain print, it’s a surprisingly very heavy desk with wood side gliders on each of the drawers. Something to note, when shopping for pieces to paint, I always look for wooden gliders opposed to metal. Wooden gliders will stand the test of time and show the piece’s overall quality.

Stripes are ever so popular in design lately and I’ve been waiting for just the right piece for a wide stripe landscape. I knew immediately that this was the one when noticing the vertical grooves that were already present on the drawer fronts.

I started out with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) in Graphite. Then using my trusty Frog Tape, the stripes were mapped out and ready to paint. I used two coats of ASCP in Old White to achieve the bold stripe design. When dry, the piece was lightly distressed with a medium-grade sanding block. I was able to use the original brass hardware, which was one of the reasons I loved this desk to begin with. The light distressing compliments the hardware to preserve the “vintage” feel of the piece — something I always try to do if possible.

Wentworth was finished with a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax and buffed to a light shine. I really like how an element of sophistication was brought out in this piece. He is handsome and oh so trendy!

If I had the right place for him, I would soooooo keep him! But thus my rule, it has to serve a purpose in my home or it has to go (whimper). Only if my kids were older, this would be a perfect homework space. Nonetheless, I’ve posted Wentworth on Craigslist here. Hoping he finds a Went-worthy home!

Lots of love,

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Bennett – A restored mid-century modern office desk

Drumroll please… introducing “Bennett.”

Remember a week or so ago, I picked this little guy up at Goodwill? Let me remind you…

Yes, Goodwill is a bit messy!

I used a homemade chalk paint recipe out of Behr Midnight Dream. Like I said before, I have plans to complete a more thorough chalk paint comparison in the future. I’ll keep you posted. I don’t really have enough info for a thorough analysis yet.

After two coats of the blue, I distressed, applied Annie Sloan clear wax, then taped off the white stripes. I used Behr Off White for the stripes.

After distressing and waxing again, I added the AS dark wax to age it up a bit. That’s when the piece really popped!

I kept the original brass hardware and just polished it up a bit.

I’m really happy with the results. Perfect for a boy’s room or even a bachelor pad! He looks rich and sophisticated.
Bennett has already found a home. He was sold before I had a chance to place the ad. And the best part is that he is staying in the family, so I can visit him anytime I want!
Lots of love,
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Thomas – An updated vintage porch swing

Its Finished! This piece took WAY longer than anticipated. I probably should have taped off the wood and sprayed the metal base to save time rather than painting every detail by hand, but lessons learned I guess. Here he is…

I chose the name Thomas because he looks so distinguished to me — handsome and smart, showing off his age so well.

I gave you a sneak peek earlier this week. Remember what he looked like before?

This piece was a Craigslist find. I love the wooden slats, you just don’t see these anymore. A perfect example of my favorite combo — mixing the vintage with the modern!

I used some wood stain that I had on hand from a previous project, Minwax Bombay Mahogany. I Just used one coat, my goal was to keep the wood looking old and worn, just warmed up a bit.

Once dry, I taped off the wood and brushed on a mixture of a Behr black color that I also had on hand. (Sorry I don’t have the name of this color. If interested, I can send you the mixture levels). I didn’t need to use a primer because the mixture used was a homemade chalk paint recipe. Side-note: I have plans to complete a more thorough chalk paint comparison in the future. I’ll keep you posted. I am however very pleased with the results!

I finished off the entire piece with a coat of Annie Sloan Soft Wax in Clear and gave it a light buff. I’ll be applying a second coat tomorrow since its an outdoor piece and needs extra protection.

I haven’t yet decided If I am going to keep him or post him on Craigslist.  Hmmmm… decisions, decisions.
For now, I will just look at him for a while. Isn’t he handsome?
Lots of love,
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Custom painted shoe bench for my babies

I was given this bench by a family member whose children have grown past their toddler bench phase. I was excited because the seat lifts for additional storage and my girls are all about seating that is “just my size” — as Adi likes to put it. We’ve been using it as shoe storage downstairs, so we don’t have to go all the way up to their rooms when we need to grab shoes quickly and leave the house. I thought it needed some updating to blend in with our other furniture, so out came the paint brush.

This is my final product:

And here is what the bench looked like before:

I first needed to use some Liquid Nails to repair the loose armrest. Then the next day, I got to work.

I chose Annie Sloan Pure White for the base, it took two coats.

After that was dry, I sketched out my lettering. Remembering a tip that I recently saw on Pinterest (see tutorial here). I printed out the font that I had previously chosen in the desired size and traced the lettering with a ballpoint pen. This left an imprint on the freshly painted bench. I was then able to paint inside my imprint with a mixture of AS chalk paint in Pure White mixed with a little Graphite.

Once everything was completely dry, I distressed lightly and finished with AS clear wax. Now my girls have a pretty place to put their shoes.

Lots of love,

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Hayden – The coolest antique cedar chest you’ve ever seen

Hayden was inspired by a recent piece I saw done by Miss Mustard Seed. She painted stripes on a beautiful antique chest. You can view this piece in her portfolio here. I thought of the cedar chest I had sitting lonely in my upstairs hallway. Perfect!

Here’s my finished product — isn’t she beautiful? I named her “Hayden” because she’s just about the coolest looking antique cedar chest you’ve ever seen! (This one’s for you, Em!)

Here you can see the before-pic. Can you believe that I picked up this beauty for only $20 at Goodwill? It was “50%-off Saturday” and I actually showed up at 9 am when the store opened to get it at that price.

It needed some repair. I started by gluing down the lifting veneer pieces. (This took 24 hours to fully dry.)

Then, the taping job. Using my painters tape, I measured and starting taping as close to the middle as possible and worked my way out. Perfection is never my goal (and not expected), but I wanted to achieve as much symmetry as I could.

When applying the paint, I used a rag and a whitewash solution of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White. Making sure not to get the cloth too wet, I scrubbed the paint onto each stripe, one at a time. To ensure the solution didn’t bleed through the tape, I also pushed down the tape while applying the paint.

The piece was distressed lightly to break up the stripes a little bit. Then, I toned down the stripes with a rag-rubbed coat of Minwax bombay mahogany wood stain. Lastly, I finished it with AS clear wax. I’m in love with the way she shows her age — but with such a trendy, modern twist! I was glad to find that the interior is also beautiful cedar and fully intact — so practical for storage.

I’m so very pleased with the results! And so happy that I’ve decided she’s mine! :)  Sorry folks, this one’s not for sale.

Lots of love,

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Henry – An English modern buffet & hutch

Drum roll please…introducing Henry — a modern English buffet & hutch. Henry fit as a name from the very beginning because of his masculine shape and bold lines. It’s such a heavy piece, too! 

Yes, I’ve softened him up a bit, but I like to think he found love :)

Do you remember what he looked like before?

I used a watered-down solution of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White, brushed on, then wiped off with a rag. It took me way longer than expected due to all the detailing.

Then, when dry, I did some extra distressing with an ultra-fine sanding block. He was finished off with a coat of AS Clear Wax.

Contemporary satin nickel pulls were chosen to accent the modern block design on the doors and drawers.

The inside was left to its natural wood finish to coordinate with all the distressing.

I especially LOVE how the top of the buffet turned out. The grey tones really popped out between the wood undertones and white highlights.

Henry was a surprise. I knew I wanted to use a whitewash solution, but was very surprised when the detail popped out during the wipe-off and distressing process.

I have posted Henry for sale on Craigslist here. I hope he finds a welcoming home.
**Update: Henry is now SOLD!**

Lots of love,

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Chloe – A Vintage Drexel Heritage Desk

My newest piece is a vintage Drexel Heritage desk. I had been looking for one of these for a while and just about flipped when I saw it at one of my local thrift stores. If you haven’t noticed already, I like to name my furniture pieces. I feel it helps bring out the personality of the piece and describes its styling in a very special way.

And yes, I do know how to paint other colors besides ones from the blue family…but this one just screamed “Duck Egg Blue,” so what else was I to do? No other color would do it justice with its brass hardware and contemporary styling.

So I started painting and then remembered that I needed to take a ‘before pic.’ The base was already started so I snapped a quick photo of the drawer. Use your imagination, if you will.

To my surprise, under the top middle drawer were markings that read “ET CETERA BY DREXEL 973”. Drexel Heritage is a high-end, very sought-after furniture company that makes some truly beautiful pieces. I looked it up online and found that they still carry their Et Cetera collection today. I wasn’t able to date the piece to any particular period, but I can tell that it’s an older piece. If you have any information regarding the period of this desk, I would be very interested to know.

The painting process was as follows: two coats of AS Chalk Paint in “Duck Egg Blue” – very, very lightly distressed with an ultra-fine sanding block. Then finished with a coat of AS Clear Wax. Two coats of wax on the top to protect from any future wear and tear.

The brass hardware and fixtures needed to be polished, so I used the following solution: 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 tsp. salt, then enough flour to make a paste. Thickly brush the paste onto the hardware and let sit for 10 minutes. Then scrub with a toothbrush and rinse. You will be amazed how the build-up just melts off. Finally, polish with a dry rag. I have heard that others use ketchup to polish with a rag, but that didn’t work for me.

I LOVE how she turned out! This piece is the perfect blend of Vintage and Modern. I love her shape, I love the brass hardware, and I love the color that complements so well.

I have posted Chloe for sale on Craigslist here.
**Update: The desk is now SOLD!**

Lots of love,

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