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Awesome things I found — kid’s edition

I can’t believe it, but as I’m typing this post I’m thousands of miles away from my home and my babies! They are well taken care of, but oh how I miss them so! And because I’m thinking about my children so very much, I thought it was appropriate to share with you some amazing web finds for the kiddos!

Check out this homemade play dough recipe from And made with only two ingredients!


This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments. Thank you notes for the little ones to color! These cards are available on Etsy for purchase or as you can probably figure, make your own!

20130716-002126.jpg has a fabulous all-natural recipe for goldfish crackers!


And because we all need a little laugh every now and then… (photo links to source)


Lots of love,

Caspian Blue

Today was a fun day! Movies. Forts. Snuggles. Baking. Blogging. More Snuggles. And all the in-between. Sometimes a mom’s life is a whirlwind. I couldn’t tell you what all I did today… but it was a lot! I did take a few moments to snap some photos of a project I did for baby Jude’s room – A painted dresser/changing table. This was my very first experiment with High-Gloss paint!

I introduce, Caspian:
Caspian, blue dresser. Vintage HenredonCaspian is a Vintage Henredon Dresser that I picked up for a steal at one of my local thrift spots! The quality of this piece is remarkable and it was in excellent shape, save some deep scratches on the top of the dresser.
Caspian, blue dresser. Vintage HenredonThis piece is one of the few things I’ve painted where the original wood is so beautiful. <Don’t shoot me!> Trust me, I had a very hard time deciding. To paint… or not to paint, That is always the question. Once I decided that it was going into Jude’s room, I had my heart set on a bright teal high-gloss finish! There will be others to show restraint with.
Caspian, blue dresser. Vintage HenredonThe color is “Intense Teal” by Behr. I chose their Hi-Gloss Enamel for a super durable shiny finish. To help it adhere, I began with a coat of Glidden Gripper Grey. Gripper is an amazing primer that will literally stick to anything without flaking…even glass!
Caspian, blue dresser. Vintage HenredonThe choice to paint the hardware was an afterthought but really completes the look. Although this piece has a classical style, the paint has really transformed the look to more of a sleek modern or transitional feel. Perfect for my baby boy!
Corbinbluedresser4Photo bombed by a little cutie in the corner! My baby Gabby likes to be in front of the camera. (I wish you could see the smile on my face because this little one melts my heart to pieces!)

Sidenote: Nope, I’m not ignoring the fact that this dresser is standing in front of an AMAZING wood wall that I haven’t told you about yet! Thought I’d give you a little sneak peek. Truth is, it isn’t finished yet. I’m a little stumped on how to finish the wood. So maybe you guys can help a girl out!

Should I…
A. Keep the natural unfinished wood look?
B. Use Teak oil for a natural slightly darker finish?
C. Finish with a honey toned stain (Which would coordinate with the crib)?

Lots of love,

I Make People.

This week my pregnancy has finally caught up with me… I’m so T.I.R.E.D! Not to mention emotional stuff and the fact that I think I may be coming down with something (fingers crossed that my body is just tired and its not a cold)! Feeling yuck, so I’m just going to go sit on the couch now… just being honest with you my friends! It’s time to rest and take care of baby boy.



I’ve got a lot of things in the works, but as I’ve found myself now in the 3rd trimester, I’m taking the advice that has been given to me from many of my friends and family… SLOW DOWN! :) “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither will my business.

Lots of love,

Special Delivery

I’M ALIVE! Okay, so it’s been ages since I’ve posted, let alone done any sort of DIY project. And here it goes… I’m pregnant! Again! I bet you’re saying to yourself: “Didn’t she just have a baby?” Yes, yes I did. Titus James was born March 19, 2012 and the new baby is due March 1, 2013. We were definitely surprised to be pregnant again so soon, but we are absolutely more than ecstatic! And yes, a little crazy :)

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

My first trimester was a little rough this time around and I found myself on the couch a lot! Sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to throw your hands up and surrender. I promise, it’s okay. My energy is starting to return and I’m ready to get back on track. So now, as I try to piece my home back together, I have a new resolve for the next year or so. It’s time to finish what I’ve started. I have so many projects that have been in mind and more importantly, halfway done in my kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, etc… that need to be completed. I’m going to slow down, do what I can (when I can), enjoy my children, and finish things. My husband even joined in on my DIY interest and wants to help me finish some of the larger projects! And what I mean by “help me” is that he’ll be doing the heavy lifting while I sit and point. But in all reality, I’ll probably TRY to climb the ladder at eight months pregnant but will quickly be talked down — or else!

I do have a few things in mind to show you this week and I’m anxious to take some photos!
Lots of love,

Introducing… Titus James!

Yes, I’m still alive! On Monday, March 19th, we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy! Let me introduce you to Titus James!

He’s just perfect, and we are all doing well! He surprised us and was breech, so we were taken in for a C-section upon arrival to the hospital.

Recovery is slow but steady and I’m hoping to get back to some projects soon! My husband has to go back to work tomorrow… which means I’ll have all three kids (four-years-old and under) on my own all day!

Right now, I’m just enjoying my handsome baby boy and looking forward to restoring some sort of normalcy.

Lots of love,

Baby Boy’s Room – Planning & Inspiration

Better late than never! :)  Now that the girls’ room is almost complete, I can turn my attention to my precious baby boy’s room. I’ve been gathering inspiration and I’m super excited to share my plans with you!

I knew as soon as I saw him, the sock monkey! His cozy fabric and textures mixed with the handsome color pallet, this was going to be my handsome boy’s room theme. I’m not really a “theme” room type of person. To me, themes can easily go way overboard and you find yourself surrounded by toy trains, or bears, or mickey mouse. It’s a fine line to carry a theme and keep the design flowing properly. Rule #1, just because its a sock monkey, doesn’t mean it gets automatic clearance into the room.

Sock Monkey Theme Baby's Room Design  I
The good news is I already have all the furniture pieces needed. When we purchased Gabby’s crib set, we thankfully chose a gender-neutral design. Other than that, it’s a blank slate. This is going to be fun! Check out the before pics — this is how the room looks today:
Yes, I still need to take down Gabby’s drapery panel. :)  I’m thinking about keeping the brown wall colors and adding a wide stripe design using a red color. I found this stripped wall on Pinterest and just love the scale.
Baby's Room Inspiration  I


I’ve just got three questions: #1. Horizontal or vertical?  #2. Do I bring in white to brighten up the space?  #3. What about stripes on the ceiling instead?

Turning my attention to the walls, I saw this graphic and originally wanted to use the idea for the girls’ room. But thinking about it more, wouldn’t this look spectacular as a pop out graphic above the crib? I would be painting either wooden or cardboard letters.

Baby's Room Inspiration  I
Also loving this print found on Etsy! Could I pull it off myself? Or maybe just purchase this one? It’s fab!
Sock Monkey Themed Room  I
Source: via Mary – on Pinterest



Adding a rustic element would be nice. I’d like to create a version of this on three scrap plywood boards…but maybe more modern/pop art styling.

Sock Monkey Themed Baby's Room  I
Source: via Mary – on Pinterest
I don’t think I would ever take the time to try and make my own sock monkey — not my forte. But I still love the tutorial graphic as wall art!



Now onto fabric and textures. I want to pickup the warm coziness aspect of the sock monkey. This fabric is a must!

And how do you NOT love this blanket?!
Sock Monkey Blanket
I really like the balance of this room. Very well done! The draperies are amazing and oh to get my hands on one of those little red bicycles!


And last but not least, the red shag rug is a must! :)

Source: via Amber on Pinterest
I’m really excited to see how this is all going to come together! Stay tuned! :)
Lots of love,

November showers

So I told you about our lovely Thanksgiving trip to California and time spent at my mother-in-law’s home. But what I didn’t tell you was that my dear friend, Laura, completely surprised me and threw the best baby shower a girl could dream of!

Mostly, I was just blown away (and still am) by the love and support shown that day. Ladies that I haven’t spoken to or seen in over two years came out to surprise me and shower my baby boy with gifts. You ladies will never know how truly special that day was to me! I was having such a good time enjoying my surroundings that I just didn’t take many photos. Before tear-down, I was able to snap a few of some of the amazing little details that Laura setup.

As many of you know, I’ve decided on the sock monkey theme for decorating baby Daniel’s room. I just love the cozy colors and overall look. Laura set up this cute little monkey to decorate the table in a mini wagon and mounted it on wrapped boxes to give the decor some height. And what a cute chalk sign in the background!

These cupcakes were done so well and yummy too!

She thought of every detail. Check out the little Paul Frank monkey decals that tie each bow. :)

Laura’s mom, Donna (who is like a second mother to me), found this adorable little sock monkey ornament and even had my baby boy’s name printed in advance.

Candy favors were set up in coordinating sock monkey colors. Little baggies were provided so each guest could stock up on the way out. The vase to the left was filled with homemade milk chocolate pops!

You’ve heard of a diaper cake, right? What about a diaper motorcycle? I love it!

Thanks again, Laura! Nobody could have done it better! Your friendship means so much to me. :)

Lots of love,