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For the love of Target

Being a mom, I’m at Target A LOT! It’s where I go when I’m in need of most things… plus they have really cool stuff! Sometimes, on the rare occasion when I get to sneak away to Target on my own (without kids), I enjoy just looking around and googling over all the newest home decor items — yes, this is my idea of a good time! That such day was today.


5 things I <3 from Target


Room Essentials® Chevron Woolure Rug – Suddenly Sapphire


Threshold™ Gray Faux Snake Skin Accent Table with Drawer


Threshold™ Hydrangea in Faux Crocodile Skin Pot – Magenta 8.5″


Hudson Swoop Chair – Black & White Houndstooth


Threshold™ Teal Faux Pony Hair Stool

I know, right!? Now who wants to go shopping???

Lots of love,

Wood shim shoe cabinet — and a prize contest!

Check it out, friends!

I picked up this bad boy at Goodwill for only $15! It’s actually a shoe cabinet — the “drawers” fold out! This is NOT a quality piece. Notice the paper laminate peeling from the corner of the before pic? This was a practical purchase for my family to HIDE THE SHOES! (Because shoes are always a problem.) Can anyone else relate?

Wood shim shoe cabinet  I

This is an example that shows just how much you can transform what was simply a boring piece of furniture.

You’re probably wondering what products were used, etc. So here we go. Let’s start with my paint choice for the exterior. I used Glidden’s Gel Technology High-Gloss Trim & Door paint in Bright White and also painted the knobs with the same paint.
Wood shim shoe cabinet  I

After planning out my alternating wood pattern, the shims were stained with Minwax Jacobean and glued onto the face of the cabinet “drawers” using Liquid Nails. This needs to dry for 24hrs and you’ll need clamps to hold the pieces into place as they dry. I used a miter saw to make a few cuts, but you could probably get away with just a hand saw since the shims are so thin.Wood shim shoe cabinet  I

Wood shim shoe cabinet  I

The best part about this project is how budget friendly it was. Wood shims are about $1.25 for a pack of 12, and the paint and stain were both purchased for another project — so that didn’t cost me anything. That brings my total to only $20 for a custom shoe cabinet that has that high-end look without the high-end price!

Wood shim shoe cabinet  I


Now let’s talk about the contest portion of this post! This furniture piece is nameless. If you haven’t noticed by now, I usually name each furniture makeover something that fits its new character and style. So what do you think? Do you have a name for him or her? There are many ways that you can enter and increase your chances! Annnnnnnddddddddd……GO!

UPDATE: I’m having a bit of trouble with WordPress accepting the contest widget (hoping to get this fixed). Please click on the giveaway link below to enter the contest! There are 8 different ways to throw YOUR NAME in the hat!



Starbucks logo

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The lost art of pressed flowers

I have fond memories of my mother pressing and preserving flowers between the pages of old books, in hopes to one day create a beautiful piece of art. My mother was an artist, too, and she had an eye for beauty! She passed away when I was young and one of the few things I have from her is this handmade creation that was done by her mother, my grandmother.
Pressed flowers  I  A lost art

It endured quite a bit of damage along the way before I received the artwork and had it framed. But I like the torn leaves and missing pieces. I think of its history traveling all the way from England to the U.S. many years ago. And I’m so grateful that it’s still here today.
Pressed flowers  I  A lost art

I’m in love with the attention to detail. I like to imagine my grandmother working around the kitchen table, deciding which pieces to use.
Pressed flowers  I  A lost art

Pressed flowers  I  A lost art

Next time you stumble upon a beautiful flower… save it. Preserve its beauty in the pages of a book and create something timeless.

Lots of love,

Grey is the new Brown.

Is it Grey or Gray? The great debate continues… I choose “Grey” as for no other reason than because I think it looks cooler. Ha!

Grey is so very 2013! What’s more hip than Grey?

It’s fresh, contemporary, and brightens up any room! Here are a few more of my FAV grey spaces.

My favorite interior wall color these days would have to be Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart. It’s the perfect hallway neutral color that adds that fresh grey look, but still provides warmth with brown undertones. LOVE!
33d130ae-3690-49fb-9b4c-7a2a7e1dae15_300Lots of love,

Top 5 most common design mistakes

I get these types of questions all the time! The plan was to post my top 10, but 5 proved to be packed with lots of information that’s sure to get your wheels spinning! So let’s dive right in, shall we?

#1. Mounting draperies too low. I’ll start out by saying that “it’s not your fault.” This is a design industry problem. Most stores only stock a standard 84″ drapery length. This is slowly changing, but still a big issue! Take a look at the below sketch. The #1 tip I tell people is to mount your drapes from floor to ceiling! This one tip will make such a huge difference in your home and will make your space look 10 times larger! Most high-end companies stock these lengths, but for a less expensive option IKEA is my go-to. They stock many options up to 120″ in length, and for a low price.

#2. Tchotchkes — too much stuff on your bookshelf or table! A space filled with 10+ small objects can look cluttered and disorganized. If you would like to display small items, try pairing one or two things with a large statement piece. It will better showcase what you’re trying to display. Notice the variation of height in the below photo. This helps to add interest and is pleasing to the eye. Don’t be afraid of LARGE decorative items. They provide for a cleaner, more high-end look!

#3. Small picture on a large wall. Unless you’re going for the ultra-modern art gallery look, stay away from this common mistake. Don’t be afraid of the large mirror or artwork. I usually choose the largest option when faced with an artwork size dilemma. A great way to use your smaller photos is to group them together to create a gallery wall look. Like this example:

#4. Fear of color. You should never be afraid of anything when designing a space! Choose what you love! I’m not saying that you have to use bright colors. I, for one, prefer a neutral, grey-toned pallet with color accents that can easily be switched out — such as pillows or flowers. But if you love the look of a red wall…go for it! It’s your space, and it’s just paint! :)

#5. Poor lighting. Proper lighting can transform a space from drab to fab! To adequately light a space, you need to think about lighting all levels of your room. Most rooms have a center ceiling fixture, which just isn’t enough. Think about adding canned lighting and/or track lighting to accent artwork on a feature wall. In addition, you’ll want to choose lamps or task lights for more specific directional light. A proper combination of all of the above will help you achieve that model-home look as seen in magazines.

Lots of love,

Victoria – My first upholstery project

When you think about upholstery, it sounds very overwhelming. Like something that you should leave to the pros, right? Well, if you know me, I’ll try anything! And upholstery is no exception — although this little chair did sit in my home for about a year before I mustered up the courage to tackle it.

Meet Victoria:
#upholstery, #vintagechair, #becauseiliketodecorate, #chic, #pink

This job was a part of a custom design project that I was blessed to be able to do. Hoping to show you the entire room soon!

The first step to upholstery is to remove the old fabric. It’s helpful to pickup some upholstery tools from your local craft store to assist with removal of staples, etc. The best tip I can give you is to take lots of photos as you are taking apart the chair. That way you know how everything is supposed to go back together once you’re ready to staple on your new fabric.
upholstery3 upholstery2

Once everything is removed, this is your opportunity to paint or refinish the base of your chair. I chose a custom-mixed bright pink, distressed it, and finished it off with Annie Sloan Dark Wax. The dark wax really helped bring out the detail and beauty of the frame.

When you’re ready to put your chair back together, trace and cut your new fabric from the old fabric pieces and start putting each piece back the same way it came off. You will need a heavy-duty staple gun and a pair of strong, steady hands! Each piece will need to be stapled first at the top, then bottom, then each side — pulling the fabric snug as you staple around to make sure it fits evenly.

Once the fabric is complete, you’ll need to cover all those staples with something. If you choose nailheads, use a rubber mallet (also found at your local craft store). This takes some practice and I would say was the hardest part of the project! Another option is to hot glue fabric piping or trim.

If you take it slow, it’s not as hard as it looks. Victoria is a vintage beauty and she’s just perfect! Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet (so to speak), I’m anxious to try something a little harder next time.

Lots of love,

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Interior Design – Are you stuck?

Since I started this blog, a little over a year ago, I’ve gotten numerous inquiries and requests regarding interior design services. I’ve had to turn folks down because I just haven’t had the time to offer a complete service through execution. After some thought, I’ve decided that what I can do is offer a consultation service.


Would you like your home to look like the photos you see in a magazine? Where the lighting is perfect, the colors flow, and the furniture placement just seems to work? But you don’t know where to start, right?

Or maybe you’d like to work with what you have, on a minimal budget, but you need a little help with furniture placement, color selection, etc.

I have two package options available:

Design Consultation Package A – $100
A one hour consultation in your home answering questions, helping with color selection, etc. This package is available to customize to your needs. This could be design advice for one room or tips through your entire home. We can move furniture and work with what you already have in your home, or I can assist and answer questions regarding a complete design plan including color selection, furniture, lighting, drapery, etc.

Design Consultation Package B – $175
A one hour consultation in your home with complete design plan portfolio for one room. During this service we will sit down and first identify your ideal design style, wants, and needs for the specific room that you choose. We will talk about a complete plan from floor to ceiling including everything from paint selection, fabric options, window coverings, furniture choice and placement, rugs, lighting, etc. Within one week of your consultation, I will provide you with a portfolio complete with floorplan, paint color samples and photos so that you have everything you need to execute your design.

If you’re interested in one of these consultation packages, send me an email (link on sidebar), and I will be happy to schedule an appointment time or answer any questions you may have. I’m located in the East Valley of the Metro Phoenix area, and  am unable to travel outside of this general location. Services are available in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek. Please inquire if you have any questions at all!

Lots of love,