Shoe Storage – Again!

Some of you may remember the cute little shoe bench that I painted a while back for the kids. And more recently the custom shoe cabinet that I just updated. Well, here we are again addressing the ever popular shoe dilemma. We have outgrown the shoe bench. Most of the time it’s overflowing and we’ve been found many times digging for that matching pair of shoes during crunch time when we’re trying to get out the door!

With four little kiddos now (meaning four different shoe sizes to sort through), I needed a place to separate them for each child, but still keep them downstairs and easily accessible. My solution this time around is the simple plastic basket.

Shoe organization  I

I found the baskets at Target for $5 a piece. (Smaller versions of this same basket can be found at the Dollar Tree for only $1 a piece.) This system works for us right now!  The girls know which basket is theirs and they also know how to put away and sort the shoes — a huge time-saver!

Shoe Organization  //

The baskets fit in the closet nicely and it’s been much easier to keep the shoes contained now!

Fun fact: Gabby (2nd Child) has twice as many shoes as everyone else. I was thinking why that was the case and then it totally made sense: first, she gets all the hand-me-downs. And then because she gets so many hand-me-downs, I feel guilty and buy her new shoes, too! #spoiled #notabrat

Lots of love,


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