My First Canvas Painting!

DIY to a whole new level! Have you ever dreamt of being an artist? Like a real one… that you’ve see in the movies? You know the picture. A blank canvas in front of you. Music playing in the background. Nothing but you and your paintbrush with a beautiful mountain or beachside view for inspiration. You’re wearing a beret–okay, maybe I’m taking it a little too far!

My surroundings were a bit different than in my dreams. Adi was at school and the boys were down for a nap at the same time — it’s my chance! My three-year-old, Gabby, wanted to paint “like mommy.” So I set her up on the kitchen island with newspapers and a scrap piece of wood. Nick Jr. on in the background to keep her doubly entertained in hopes that I could create a two-hour window to pull off a painting. It worked save a few trips to refill Gabby with snacks and more paint colors. Gabby had a great time too! *wink*

Turn an old throw away canvas into your own custom art!  //

I went for a kind of pop-art style and copied a photograph of my oldest girl, Adi. Yes, she’s only five-years-old. I’m thinking this is a vision of her much older… or I’m just not a very good painter. Probably the latter! Anyway, I had a ton of fun and can’t wait to paint more pieces!

DIY - Turn an old canvas into new custom art!  //

My favorite part of the painting is the lips! And it’s hard to see in photographs, but the gold has an amazing sheen to it when the light hits the canvas.


Sometimes I look at it and I’m super critical — so many things to tweak and fix. And other times, it catches my eye and I just love the depth of the colors and textures.

From an old canvas to new custom art. DIY project.  //

Question: do you think I should add a caption to the photo?  She has a curious look on her face and I thought it may look good to add a caption bubble, but haven’t thought of anything good enough to make permanent. Any ideas?

Lots of love,


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