Dumpster Divin’

I’ve reached a new low… dumpster diving! Okay, okay… before you get all grossed out, let me explain. We have new construction in our neighborhood, which means construction dumpsters everywhere! And I must confess that I may have taken a scrap piece of wood or two that was sticking out of the top, and maybe a wooden pallet as well — of which many are thrown out almost daily. It’s tempting not to go around and collect things, but then my house would become a dumpster. And since I just had a garage sale and got rid of a lot of stuff, I must refrain. Anywho, let me get back on track.

Have you ever missed trash day? Ugh! Don’t you hate it?! Well, one of the benefits of having new construction in your neighborhood is that big dumpsters make it super easy to purge your trash when you miss trash day. One evening when we were “dumping” our trash (shhhhhhhhh…don’t tell!), I saw that someone else had the same idea and I found this huge canvas (see picture below) leaning against the dumpster! I know what you’re thinking: “WHO WOULD WANT THAT?!” I know it’s dated and shall we say “not my favorite.” (That’s what we tell the kids to say when they don’t like something *wink*.)

Transform an old canvas to new!  I  becauseiliketodecorate.com

Transform an old canvas to new! I becauseiliketodecorate.com

Well, it’s a 40″ x 50″ canvas and those can get pretty pricey when you buy them brand-new. I’ve always wanted to play “artist,” so why not paint over an old canvas piece and make it my own? After all, it’s not going to cost me anything. So we took it home!

Stay tuned for the BIG reveal. It may or may not be considered “good” art, but I’m giving myself an “A” for effort!

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Dumpster Divin’

    1. sunny

      I hate to say this but after my most recent Craigslist purchase (a great deal on a dresser) and its after effects I feel I need to say “Watch out for bed bugs!” Often when people are dealing with them they throw out stuff rather than treating it. Bed bugs are on the rise and they have been known to hide in art work if it is in close proximity to the bed. Just spray the whole thing down with half water/ half alcohol solution and that should kill them from dehydration. I am telling you they are horrible and you don’t want them. We have been fighting them for 8 weeks now and around $1000 in different treatments and are on our way to possibly tenting ($2000) all for a dresser that I thought was a “steal.” I think the project sounds fun but no great find is worth these buggers.


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