Lowe’s Love

Lowe’s sent me this Vine video last week and I thought that it was definitely worth a share. It’s just 6 seconds of your time. The video is on a loop and that’s just what I love about it! I’ve seen these tips before, but always seem to forget when I need them most. By seeing the repetitive action in the form of a Vine video, I think I’ll remember it next time! I hope… Haha!

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Lowe’s is the place that I go when I need something pretty that generally isn’t offered at other stores. Their lighting department seems to have a way larger selection than competitors and they offer more high-style options — like this beauty which I plan to place above my breakfast table

Chrome Drum Pendant @ Lowe's

When I needed to replace my kitchen faucet, I went to Lowe’s and found the perfect one! It has the brushed chrome look that I wanted and the contemporary spring adjustable arm. It swivels easily out of the way when washing large pots and I can stretch the faucet over to the counter when filling my mop bucket, etc. Here is a picture of a similar faucet (I couldn’t find my exact model online).

Modern Kitchen Faucet

And my other reason for Lowe’s love is the fact that they carry the Pantone Paint line by Valspar! Do you need another reason? Yeah, I didn’t think so :). I go just for the Pantone paint especially since you can pick up a sample pot for about $3.50 a pop which is plenty of paint to use for one piece of furniture! I purchased a sample of the Color of the Year, Emerald Green, a couple weeks ago and have a desk set up and ready to paint!

Pantone  I  becauseiliketodecorate.com

Lots of love,


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