For the love of Target

Being a mom, I’m at Target A LOT! It’s where I go when I’m in need of most things… plus they have really cool stuff! Sometimes, on the rare occasion when I get to sneak away to Target on my own (without kids), I enjoy just looking around and googling over all the newest home decor items — yes, this is my idea of a good time! That such day was today.


5 things I <3 from Target


Room Essentials® Chevron Woolure Rug – Suddenly Sapphire


Threshold™ Gray Faux Snake Skin Accent Table with Drawer


Threshold™ Hydrangea in Faux Crocodile Skin Pot – Magenta 8.5″


Hudson Swoop Chair – Black & White Houndstooth


Threshold™ Teal Faux Pony Hair Stool

I know, right!? Now who wants to go shopping???

Lots of love,


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