Chalkboard Fun

It’s not in me to just throw things away! I mean, I don’t consider myself a pack-rat because I have no trouble purging old clothing or things that I just don’t need around the house anymore, but if I can reuse something and turn it into a piece of art or decor, why throw it out?

Several months ago, I decided that the girl’s beds didn’t need to be so low to the ground anymore. I replaced the boards we were using with standard baseboards that came with the beds. Now I was left with two twin sized heavy wooden boards… what to do, what to do? Honestly, they were left untouched for a couple months until it hit me – CHALKBOARDS!

These boards are ridiculously heavy! And because of my impatience, I setup a space where they were up in the loft and decided to paint them indoors. Yeah, probably not the best idea!

Don’t be a dummy like me. Spray paint outside! The place was well ventilated with all the windows open, but the fumes were still strong (Don’t worry, I wore a heavy duty mask and the kids were not around), and the room got really dusty.

The result turned out FABULOUS and the girls just love their new chalkboards! Adi has a new place to practice her letters and Gabby has a new place to scribble and draw circles. She loves to draw circles!

Lots of love,Mary


5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Fun

  1. gen

    What is your solution to the chalkboard dust…. i did the back of `a door `and `the dust is killing me. A tray of some sort? I want to try the spray can.

    1. becauseiliketodecorate Post author

      I don’t yet have a solution… it’s on carpet, so I just vacuum it up right now. I was thinking of trimming the boards in like an industrial metal corner piece with maybe a little tray at the bottom.


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