Hello Friends! Have you missed me? The day-to-day can get a little crazy with three kids four years old and under! I keep telling myself that its okay not to be wonderwoman for a couple months after having a baby. Titus is settling into a nice little routine, where I can now start to plan out my days a little better. I’m ready to restock my inventory and start moving furniture again!

This past weekend, my husband graciously chauffeured me around town thrift store shopping! We loaded up the kids and went hunting for treasure, i.e. furniture to paint. I scored two desks, one dining table, one end table, and one headboard all for ridiculously low prices. Here is my goal (typing it out loud for all to see): For the next five days I will be posting a different finished piece! That’s right, a marathon of furniture painting! I also can’t wait to catch you all up on the progress in both the girls’ room and baby Titus’ room!

Here’s a little sneak peek at one of the desks I scored!

Lots of love,


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