Introducing… Titus James!

Yes, I’m still alive! On Monday, March 19th, we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy! Let me introduce you to Titus James!

He’s just perfect, and we are all doing well! He surprised us and was breech, so we were taken in for a C-section upon arrival to the hospital.

Recovery is slow but steady and I’m hoping to get back to some projects soon! My husband has to go back to work tomorrow… which means I’ll have all three kids (four-years-old and under) on my own all day!

Right now, I’m just enjoying my handsome baby boy and looking forward to restoring some sort of normalcy.

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Introducing… Titus James!

  1. The Adventures Ashley

    Congratulations! I found your blog via a pin on pinterest and really love it! Thanks for sharing your passion(s)…I am a pastor's wife who loves to decorate, so reading your "about me" seemed like I could have written it myself! Blessings to your family as you celebrate Titus!Tracy


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